Python/Django Warnings -> logs?!?

There is no real validation of a “email” in config panel → email validation in config panel is too relax... · Issue #2058 · YunoHost/issues · GitHub

So i added a Django System check for this in django_yunohost_integration/

The problem: It creates only WARNINGS on startup. They can be seen in install/upgrade output, e.g.:

They also added to the log, e.g.:

I can’t change the Warning to an Error, because then the app will not start.

Any idea to be LOUDER here? (Okay the real fix is to validate the email in config panel more strict. But it’s just an example for other cases…)

Curently the all my Django apps logs to /var/log/$app/$app.log

Maybe it make sence to move this or duplicate and log into system log?
e.g.: Add SysLogHandler ? What’s the correct address here?

Can you explicitate what you want? A Warning is loud enough, but maybe it will get ignored since there is so many lines…

Maybe you should silence them with ynh_exec_warn_less and implement a test with a if that displays one single warning with ynh_print_warn.

I mean the YunoHost admin should see the error :wink: … Maybe i should write a mail to him…