Publicly exposing Galene

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My YunoHost server

Hardware: Raspberry Pi at home
YunoHost version: 4.0
I have access to my server : Through SSH | through the webadmin


I am trying to separate apps in subdomains. I want to give access to one subdomain to external users but when new users type the subdomain xxxx.yyyy.domain.tld they are directed to the log in page for the main domain yyyy.domain.tld. They have to type my username and password to access the sso page. They then have to click the subdomain button and they are directed to the app webpage where they type the username and password I have given them. This is for galene video app.

I have a sagemcom router with static ipv4 so all domain/subdomains direct to this.

Is there a way of giving the galene subdomain the an ipv6 to separate this app from the others and direct external users to the galene interface?

Will I need to have second rpi server for this app using static ipv6 on my router?

Thanks for help

I’m not sure that this has anything to do with IPv6 …

What do you mean by “I want to give access to one subdomain to external users” ?

Do you mean that you want your Galene app to be publicly accessible to other people, without requiring an username/password ?


No. The problem I have is when I send the link to my subdomain galene.xxxx.yyyy.domain.tld, they are directed to my sso page. They need my username and password to enter and then they are sent to apps page. They have to click on the galene app to access the subdomain page.

I have tried redirect app but this still means they need to access sso and apps page. I think I will need to run galene on an rpi on its own and give it a single ip address. Having other apps on the server does not seem to work for this app.

Right, but what would you like to see happening instead of this then

I want the domain address xxxx.yyyy.domain.tld to go straight to the galene log in page.

I have to give them my username and password for yunohost to go through sso, then app page, before they get to xxxx.yyyy.domain.tld. I have given them a specific username/password for galene.

Are you sure that Visitors have access to the Galène app? You can check that in the permissions menu (visitors should have galene.main permission).

Thanks. That could be the reason. I will try that. I just assumed it would happen as part of installation but when I checked it was not in the visitors section but my other apps are.

You should have been asked a question “Should this app be exposed to anonymous visitors?” before installation. Answering yes makes Galène available without going through the SSO.

Thanks. I reinstalled and let anonymous visitors access. I will need to check with other users now. Fingers crossed!!

:crossed_fingers: Bear in mind you could have given this visitor access through the permissions menu, no need to reinstall the app. :wink:

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