[prosody] XMPP server for Yunohost 12

Prosody for YunoHost 12


An XMPP server App with the best compliance, in replacement of Metronome (kicked out from the core of Yunohost, starting with Yunohost 12).
While on Yunohost 11 and earlier versions, Metronome required a lot of manual configuration to get a passable server, this App aims at providing out of the box: LDAP integration, A/V calls, MUCs, filesharing, BOSH…

:warning: this App is still in development, do not use in production :warning:

Current status, see prosody_ynh/README.md at master · anubister/prosody_ynh · GitHub

Shipped version: 0.12.4

Documentation and resources


Compatibility to be tested with “XMPP-Apps”:

Any feedback appreciated!
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As a maybe helpful or maybe confusing bit of memory: this used to be incompatible with Metronome because of Prosody, and apt excluded one or the other because they would use the same port in the default configuration. The plugin uses Prosody as stand-alone executable, without external traffic.