Proofing/editing the English interface

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i thought i might be able to help out by proofing the interface as i come across things during normal usage. (i’m a professional FR (etc.) > EN translator and editor.)

i signed up to weblate, but the translation strings are read-only.

i understand if ynh doesn’t want randoms fiddling with things once they’re done, but is there a way i can add my corrections? another poss would be for me to just collect suggested corrections somewhere.

i have noticed various parts of the interface are still in frenglish and i’d be happy to correct them as i go. it’s probably all i cd contribute to this project.



I think the best way in this case is to made change directly in this file:

If you don’t know how to create a pull request on github, you can just post here your translation.

(Many things also happen in the core : yunohost/en.json at dev · YunoHost/yunohost · GitHub )

ah ok, i can do it directly. thx for the heads up. will see how i go with a pull request then.

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