Program to Organize a Big Cloud?


Thank you for making Yunohost. I am considering setting up a private server, primarily to host a cloud storage that would sync around 1 Tb of data around my three machines. I heard that Nextcloud is not the best choice for such big data. Which alternative program would you recommend?

The cloud should work both within my local home network and via the Internet.

  1. Look this GitHub - YunoHost-Apps/borgserver_ynh: Borg server package for YunoHost and GitHub - YunoHost-Apps/borg_ynh: An experimental Borg implementation for YunoHost
  2. Tahoe-LAFS
  3. GitHub - YunoHost-Apps/syncthing_ynh: Syncthing package for YunoHost
  4. Simple script to rsync between servers.

Thanks, Kanhu. Can a Syncthing instance be installed on a Yunohost server, so it works as a sort of a primary cloud storage?

Syncthing and Seafile are the two most popular alternatives to Nextcloud, both support delta sync. Alternatively, Nextcloud can work well for large collections, if the individual files are not too big.

Really? I always thought such programs just overwrite files and not download only the changed parts. You live and learn.

I should check out both Seafile and Syncthing.

The article you linked is correct on the whole, for most file types delta sync does not matter much. But there are exceptions, like VM disk images, where it matters a lot.