"Professional" Support / Fall-Back-Support to setup YunoHost lastingly for small non-profit org


I am working for a queer youth organization in Germany (non-profit and mainly an association of young volunteers). I love the project of YunoHost and we can use it very very well for our purposes. Until now we are testing it with different Apps and it’s very promising!

Nevertheless, I hesitate using it in “production” or to rely on it for the next years, because I’m the only person at the moment here that has deeper knowledge about IT here, and it’s not guaranteed, that I can stay there for the future.
That’s why I wanted to ask, if there are some persons, collectives or anything out there (the best would be in Germany) who could offer maintanance / trouble shooting (also on a paid basis) for less-technical persons – and would therefore be more “reliable” for the organization as the one I can offer in person. For the moment it would be a fall-back option.

I know this is not exactly the idea of YunoHost, because it could be a pathway to commercialization. Nevertheless it is kind of a precondition that I can recommend my organization in all conscience to use the software with YunoHost.

Thanks in advance for any ideas or comments on this topic.

Best Valentin

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Some of us indeed have their own businesses relying on YunoHost. I’m thinking about @ljf notably, but I’ll let him answer on his availability and services.