Process for expanding yunohost to other languages? | 你们想要做这个在中文吗?

Hello, I know a bit of Mandarin and I wanted to work on making yunohost available in the language.

I expect it to take time, and though this forum hosts both francophone and anglophone users it seems it would jarring to have Chinese appear here as well. It is not an Indo-European and its logographic.

Any comments or suggestions? Does it make sense to just create a repo and copy-paste all the English text and slough away at it?

I have a sense there is a ‘skeleton’ and the minimal amount of translated text necessary for a functional site. Perhaps after that is completed further steps can be looked into in making it live for others to use and for opening up the translator pool once the initial kinks in methodology are worked out.

Oh, is there perhaps already a ‘style guide’ translator’s use for yunohost?

I welcome any criticism or feedback, lemme know if it makes sense to ask for forgiveness rather than permission. Even commenting ‘hi’ would be appreciated :3

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It’s a good idea!

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Thanks :smiling_face:

Hello, and welcome!

YunoHost has several components:

  • YunoHost as the software to self-host one’s server. It is build with internationalization in mind, and you can help translate it in our Weblate site. Over there, you can see Simplified Chinese is already available. (Hopefully I am not assuming wrong by considering Mandarin and Simplified Chinese equivalent in the writing context).
  • The Weblate site also offers translation for the app store.
  • The Weblate site also offers translation for some package documentations.
  • The documentation, whose files for translation are hosted on Github.
  • This forum. I think moderation capabilities would make it difficult to accept it though.

I do not think there is a style guide for translators yet, but this is something we recently discussed internally, and would some day be written.


Oh wow, yeah that’s a huge help, thanks!