Problème de Checksum au téléchargement de l'iso / checksum does not match to iso


I have just DL yunohost-buster-4.0.3-amd64-stable for Virtualbox but checksum does not match. Maybe the iso file has been updated but not the checksum file ?

je viens de télécharger yunohost-buster-4.0.3-amd64-stable pour Virtualbox mais le checksum ne correspond pas. Peut-être que l’image iso a été mise à jour mais pas le fichier de checksum ?


Can you confirm you did a sha256 of the image ? I just tried on my site and got the right checksum …

Hi Aleks,

This is the sha256 I got :

Yeah that’s indeed not the right hash but can’t really help you more than that since I’m unable to reproduce the issue :confused:

Do you get the right fingerprint when downloading and hashing the iso file ?

Yes I do

Thks, i’ll try to download the file again.

Well, I have downloaded all files again, and now it’s OK. It looks like my first download was corrupted.
Thank you for your answers @Aleks :slight_smile:

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