Problem with RSA/SSH and Default Panel of the Yuno

Hello everyone! First of all, I would like to thank everyone who participates and develops this project. It is very beautiful to see people like you in this world! =)

This is my first experience with installing a server. And I know almost nothing about Linux. So, I ask for patience if look a little confused …

Let’s go to my first question.
I installed Yunohost in the beijorusso domain. It’s functional. But I can’t get RSA/SSH access to FTP (SFTP) or MobaXTerm. I only have access through Putty. And this is how I set it up.
I already searched and everything I found on the subject does not grant me SSH access.

Ex1: yunohost dot com #filezilla (does not work for me)
Ex2: Commands like: vim /etc/ssh/ssh_config >> PasswordAuthentication no (it doesn’t work too, even if I run VIM correctly)

My second question (maybe an “Advanced Use Case”).
If you go to domain beijorusso, you will see the Yunohost login panel.
Question. How do I change this pattern? That is, how do I make the beijorusso domain an institutional home page and this default Yuno login page appear on a subpage?
I would also like to know how to standardize the logo and everything.

This is. I’m sorry if the doubts are too “newbie”, but I’m really newbie in that area.

I appreciate any help.


About your FTP question:

You just need to install an app on the root main domain.

The login page will be avaible at DOMAIN.TLD/yunohost/sso/

It’s possible to create a theme for your yunohost. But it’s an advanced feature.

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Thank you for your feedback! =)

But, the first question, maybe I should rephrase … How do I get DOMAIN.TLD to access an institutional web page (a store site, for example)? And that the LOGIN of the Yuno server can be accessed, for example, at: DOMAIN.TLD / admin or ADMIN.DOMAIN.TLD?

Basically, DOMAIN.TLD would be a store.
And ADMIN.DOMAIN.TLD would be the server login.

I know it may be a very basic question … But, I only made these settings on conventional servers. And I wouldn’t know how to do it here at Yuno. It would be great to have DOMAIN.TLD free and SSO access to be on a subpage.

No more, thank you so far. And thank you very much for the link for customization. =)

Note: I had already read and followed the steps on the Filezila link. But, it didn’t work for me.


If you install a website on DOMAIN.TLD/ and if it’s your main domain, you can access to login with:
https://DOMAIN.TLD/yunohost/sso (for the user login)
https://DOMAIN.TLD/yunohost/admin (for the webadmin login)

You can also install your site on DOMAIN.TLD, add the domain admin.DOMAIN.TLD and define it as default domain (Web Admin > admin.DOMAIN.TLD > Make default). Like that you login portal are available from admin.DOMAIN.TLD.

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