Problem with NFS


I had a clean deployment of yunohost in LXC server and then installed NFS using apt-get install nfs-kernel-server and it got installed successfully. however when i start the NFS, it got started but when i checked the status, it says started, active but an error as “Failed to reset devices list”.

Is it something that we can resolve from yunohost internal core or through any other means?
Is there any other NFS service we have from yunohost or any application in yunohost?

basically i would like to share a folder across different other servers. Any suggestions please.

Thanks and Regards,

In my experience, “Failed to reset devices list” relates to the fact that the LXC is unpriviledged… though it’s a bit mysterious as other people have different experiences than mine :confused:

was there any application that used nfs share so far with other client machines from yunohost apps? i mean Is NFS a roadblock to use in LXC servers?

Just for info: I moved to KVM based server instead of LXC and i was successfully able to establish NFS and can integrate with yunohost.