Private DNS for Android -- AdGuard Home?

Hi all,

I have a server with a public IP address. I would like to setup a Private DNS for my mobile devices.
I installed AdGuard Home but can’t get to make it work with my Android devices.
I have DNS-over-https enables in the Yunohost config panel, but when I point my Android phone to my adguard domain, I just lose connection (error message, no more name solving).

1.Am I using the right tool??
2.If yes, what am I doing wrong?

Thanks very much!

adguard home is designed to be used in a local network, not remotely with a phone

maybe NextDNS and their apps would be appropriate for your use

this is what I use on my iphone and ipad, in combination with adguard home
I configured NextDNS applications to be disabled when these devices are connected to my home wifi (and thus access to adguard home)

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