Prevent external IPs from accessing the admin interface

Hi all

Is there any way to block access to the main admin page on an external IP ?

You can tweak the nginx conf and add allow / deny instructions from nginx to block IPs outside local network.

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So after reading a bit more on this (And thanks for the advice) I basilcy need to deny rule say for example for ip .... In the locantion section of the Conf for that applcations.

So my admin Site I need to amend


in the location section something like this

location /yunohost/admin {
deny ...;

or should be somethimg else ?

@Aleks I honestly think there should be an easier way to do this, having external access to admin console can be a huge security risk, if i understand yunohosts way of working correctly

Sure … there are hundreds of todo-stuff like this so feel free to contribute, just making sure that what works keep working is already quite a lot of work so …

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