Presentation of yunohost in Torino today

Just in late!

In a few hours, at 15:30 local time I will give a presentation of yunohost at meeting in Torino.

Sorry for the late advice!


Good presentation. ~50 persons listening, many questions during the show and also off the stage, some doubts and also a suggestion: there are many applications in the official catalog, perhaps too many for a beginner, so something like a beginner guide?
I can’t imagine how to implement a thing like this but I promised to report this suggestion.


Cool. Maybe I could take up the torch from the perspective that self-hosting is a great way to become less dependant on Google and other centralized services.

Yunohost can replace for the average person: Dropbox/Box/GDrive (Nextcloud), Google Contacts (Nextcloud), Google Photos (Photoprism).

Now that I type this though, there are so many usecases for how Yunohost can be used. It’s hard to give a beginner guide because people will use it in so many different ways. Hmm…

There is good documentation at Welcome! | Yunohost Documentation

Or did people have some issue with something not covered in the guide?

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They asked a guide for the applications in particular because, they said, the list is too long to fully understand what is the best solution for every need. I think that the applications list is quite simple to understand but I am a relatively expert. Also, I think it is good to listen for suggestions, especially the ones coming from not skilled persons.

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Hmm. Yes I know what you mean.

I guess they might not know what Nextcloud is, and how it could be used instead of Dropbox.

Maybe there is a way we could add tags, or more info to the app descriptions?

I just searched “podcasting”, and “dropbox” but no apps come up in the app list.

As I wrote before, I don’t have a clear view of the problem: tags are similar to existing categories?

What I can think is a little guide for the most popular applications, eg nextcloud. Another possible idea would be a top parade of the applications (do we have a list of the actual installations of the applications, as debian popularity?)

May be three apps for every category, or alternatives for most popular products (“big” companies like Facebook, twitter, Google contacts, messenger, etc)

Or a “deGAFAM” guide.
For every need, yunohost has at least one free selfhosted solution.

Beginners like to be guided step by step.
For example : in the category blogging, wordpress is the most popular (…), but when you need a more advanced platform you may use joomla (…) and if you need a simple blog you may want to try Backdrop (…). Etc…
screenshots are great, a small explanation (avoid the description found on the website of the app, it’s sometimes misleading or vague) “what does it do, like what other known or ‘famous’ app is it”.

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There are existing categories but they don’t seem clickable.
There is no list of all categories either. I don’t see it now, but I thought they had one before (?).

This is why I would suggest a tagging system. Maybe somehow we, people on the blog, can help tagging these apps? I don’t want more burden to fall upon the app packagers.

Yes, something like this would be the right direction.
I see that it would be also a big work, may be we need some kind of group work? :slight_smile:


Yes, it is true!

I don’t know the structure of the web site so I don’t know if this will be a possible change.

BTW, I think that working on a document would be more easy and feasible right now.

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