Presentation of yunohost in the next coming italian hackmeeting


I will give a presentation of yunohost in the next italian hackmeeting as you can read in
I will use these slides (italian only, sorry). If somebody has some suggestion please feel free to share


Don’t forget to update some info now outdated about beta version. Now YunoHost 4 with buster and support for rpi 4 is released :slight_smile:

Uso di github

Github was used before it was buy by microsoft.
Migrate to gitlab or another forge is quite complex, some work have already done for that, but it’s still complicated for several reasons.

About user/group management, could you give more details on which kind of issue you had? You wrote:

Yunohost fornisce un’interfaccia abbastanza semplificata ma lo stesso mi è parsa piuttosto difficile da usare

Thanks for your work, we need people like you to speak about yunohost in other countries.

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Yes, I will talk about the beta relaease.

I understand and I will show this in my talk.

Anything in particular but I am a little skilled and the same I found some difficulty for example with multimedia group. But the same, the yunohost interface is really better than a direct use of linux tools.

I hope I will send a recording (audio and/or video) of my talk.

If you have a record under free license, you can ask for being added on

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