Pre-installed images for Single-board computers with minor flaws


This is suggestion.

It would be nice to have pre-installed images for Single-board computers with minor flaws. Boards based on the FreeScale i.MX6 platform are almost entirely functional in freedom.

Here you can find boards with that SoC (System-on-a-Chip).


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Indeed, thanks for the suggestion ! I dunno such a thing existed.

For now I think the bottleneck would be to find somebody who has one of those boards, since it’s pointless to try to provide an image that we cannot test. Then creating the image depends on how base “Debian” images are created. (c.f. RPi and Armbian, we have custom builds for YunoHost, based on their official build tools)

I think if you want to make this request more “long term” and not get lost in the forum, it’s safer to open a ticket on our bugtracker :

Thank you. Ticket created.

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