Postgresql Migration - Mastodon


First and foremost - thanks to everyone who has volunteered their time and labor for this project. Just installed yunohost and it is great software!

I am running a Mastodon instance on a bare metal 4.0.2

I would like to migrate this to my yuno instance since it has glitch-soc 4.0.2 (masto fork)

Unfortunately, I am concerned about the database being migrated. The instructions state to start with an empty database then import:

I am not overly familiar with yunohost, but since it requires a user / admin during install, doubt the subsequent database will be empty post install on the new yuno server.

Is there a way to clear the database first, before importing? Or how would you recommend to migrate?

Sorry for the weird question, tried searching but couldn’t find much. Any help would be really appreciated, thanks in advance.

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