Post installation stage where do get a domain, and how to get GUI

Guys, just installed the software, I am now in the post installation stage , where to get the main domain? if u see the img I have attached with this message, and how to get GUI? I know the command mode is the working spirit of Linux, but just want to test the software and be familiar with its functionality



There’s nowhere to “get the main domain”, it’s up to you to choose one … Either you already bought one on a registrar, either you want to use a free and automatically configured like (or or

The GUI (or webadmin) is accessible using the local IP (if at home) or global IP (if on a VPS) using your browser

Dear Alex, thanks, I chose subdomain with and was done , but then i got another screen ask me this (pool-ipv6-pd login:) , just searching for an explanation ?

I just chose subdomain , and went through , thank you bro for your support, God bless :slightly_smiling_face:

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