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IT: Ho installato Yunohost su un PC a casa. Tutto funziona perfettamente ma non riesco ad accedere direttamente all’indirizzo creato durante l’installazione esempio.nohost.me
(ovviamente non è questo!). esempio.nohost.me mi porta al router e non al PC ( anche dopo aver configurato il Port Forwarding. Sono corretti i dati che ho inserito:

I have installed Yunohost on a home PC. Everything works perfectly but I can’t directly access the address created during the installation example.nohost.me (obviously it’s not this!). example.nohost.me takes me to the router and not to the PC ( even after configuring Port Forwarding. The data I entered are correct: Service Name Example WAN Interface DefaultStart Port 80End Port 80Translation Start Port 80Translation End Port 80Server IP Address Originating IP (no enable) Subnet Mask TCP
Service Name Esempio

WAN Interface Default

Start Port 80

End Port 80

Translation Start Port 80

Translation End Port 80

Server IP Address

Configure Originating IP (no enable)

Subnet Mask

Protocol TCP/UDP

Qualche consiglio? Dove sbaglio? Grazie

Hi Tuxsa,

Welcome to the forums!

I think the forwarding is correct, but not complete.

Port 80 is for http (unencrypted). Yunohost forwards from pord 80 to 443 (https, encrypted).

So you need to open and forward both port 80 and port 443 to reach the website.

Later, when you install more apps, you will probably open more ports. The diagnosis will mention which ports.

Good luck!


Hello, and welcome! The diagnosis report can indeed be helpful to you. For reference, here is the related documentation page: Configure port-forwarding | Yunohost Documentation (sorry, not yet translated in italian).

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Thanks everyone, it works. I believe the problem came from ddns propagation

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