Port 443 Problem


ISP and Router are configured correctly, can’t be a Yunohost problem, can it?

It’s been working for years.

Thanks for your support!

Please give more information…
Is it a diagnosis message or you have tested by your own that this port is unavailable (if yes how).

Thanks for your support!

Both. From outside the home network it is not reachable anymore. From within the network the admin interface is accessible, the user interface is not accessible.

I edited the hosts file on some machines and phones to have access to the services again within the network. Access to the admin panel has always worked.

It’s a local machine x86 with everything up to date.

You should check that

  • port 443 is open in Webadmin > Tools > Firewall
  • port 443 is redirected in your router config
  • your ISP didn’t split your IP between several customers (maybe you have an option for a “full stack IP”)

It’s okay again - thanks anyway!

There was another port 443 redirection configured to an old machine which was active. Weird.

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