Poll: Should we write a documentation page for hosters offering Yunohost instance/installation? / Sondage : Doit-on consacrer une page de documentation pour les hébergeurs proposant du Yunohost?


:uk: Hello everyone,

More and more hosting company are interested in Yunohost and more and more people are asking the question of which hosts exist and offer Yunohost. Several of us have answered sometimes by referring to the CHATONS or to our own sources.

So we are about to open a documentation page which would allow to list the hosting companies and the associations/companies offering Yunohost server management. This page will allow people interested in a commercial offer to be redirected to a list of hosts known to the community and offering outsourcing or hosting of Yunohost servers.

However, this induces a small change of strategy, because even if it is minimal, Yunohost loses a little of its neutrality and it also induces an advertisement in the documentation for these hosts. The Yunohost team proposes a poll here to know what you think.

Of course this "advertisement " consists only in a list on a page of the documentation.

Arguments, positive or negative, are welcome. :slight_smile:

:fr: Bonjour à tous,

De plus en plus d’hébergeurs s’intéressent à Yunohost et de plus en plus de personnes se posent la question de savoir quels sont les hébergeurs qui existent et qui proposent du Yunohost. Plusieurs d’entres nous ont parfois répondu en aiguillant vers les CHATONS ou vers nos propres sources.

Il est donc question aujourd’hui d’ouvrir une page de documentation qui permettrait de mettre en avant les hébergeurs et les associations/entreprises proposant de l’infogérance de serveurs Yunohost. Cette page permettra aux personnes intéressées par une offre commerciale d’être aiguillée vers une liste d’hébergeurs connus de la communauté et proposant de l’infogérance ou de l’hébergement de serveurs Yunohost.

Cependant, cela induit un petit changement de stratégie, car même si c’est minime, Yunohost perd un peu de sa neutralité et cela induit également une publicité dans la documentation pour ces hébergeurs. L’équipe Yunohost propose donc un sondage ici pour savoir ce que vous en pensez.

Bien-sûr cette “publicité” ne concernerait qu’une seule et unique page de la documentation de Yunohost.

Des avis argumentés, positifs ou négatifs, sont souhaités. :slight_smile:

Doit-on créer une page de documentation dédiée aux hébergeurs ou aux entreprise proposant de l’infogérance de serveurs Yunohost ? / Should we create a documentation page dedicated to hosting companies or companies offering outsourcing of Yunohost servers?
  • Oui / Yes
  • Non / No

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J’ai voté pour, car cela me semble important de maintenir quelque part une liste, qui serait pratique à envoyer à des personnes intéressées mais ne voulant pas gérer leur propre serveur.
Ça peut aussi être intéressant, à ce stade où Yunohost reste relativement confidentiel (surtout sur ce type d’offre), d’apporter une forme de reconnaissance à la contribution au projet (via la visibilité + le service fourni) ?

Peut-être qu’il serait intéressant de mettre en valeur en priorité des hébergeurs associatifs type CHATONS ?
D’une part pour les valeurs et une gestion plutôt proche du projet, d’autre part pour le service à taille humaine, et peut-être pour moins mettre en avant les prestations commerciales classiques, tout en les listant.

Et peut-être en mentionnant ceux (s’il y en a ?) qui contribuent financièrement ou via du code […] au projet ?


Good idea! I was pleasantly surprised to find out the other day that Dutch hoster Greenhost now offers yunohost as an option when you create a new VPS with them. This should be encouraged!



This is a good idea.

However, I think that there should be a big disclaimer explaining the pros and the cons about such choice of hosting (it’s not really self-hosting anymore).
Pros : The server will have a very good bandwidth, will be accessible 24/365, no electricity cut, etc
Cons : You don’t really know who’s got access to your files and documents (any IT technician working in any of those company could access your nude pictures, your documents, etc.), if the company is going suddenly bank-rout then you just lose everything…

I guess, the documentation should empathize the backup options that are being offered by the companies : Simple snapshots (which is unusable if the datacenter burns down [OVH Strasbourg]), remote snapshots, no option, etc.

And if there is the updated prices with the storage capacity included, it would help a lot in order to choose which one fits the best.


Tout à fait d’accord. Mettre en priorité les CHATONS proposant du Yunohost me semble intéressant au vu des différentes relations qu’entretient Yunohost avec les CHATONS et la philosophie de Yunohost.

Pour les partenaires du projet (j’entends par là, les hébergeurs, donateurs pour notre infra), ils sont normalement déjà “présentés” sur le site, mais oui, si l’un d’entre eux propose du Yunohost cela me semble cohérent de le mettre en avant.

Yes, I agree with you. It could be important for ppl to know on which criteria we could or not suggest this Hosting Provider or Yuno-Hoster. This could help ppl a lot, I think, in their choice. However, even if we give some pros/cons, the documentation, I think, has not the goal to become a TrustPilot-like website, and has to stay neutral as possible.

Indeed, and we will need help from past experiences with Hosting provider to make a non-exhaustive list of all of them.

Hi, I think that if it could be a table with some simple criteria it could be easier for who seeks for an hosting.

Like :

  • is it commercial or not
  • does the hoster takes care of migrations or not

I think this is a very good point! Of course the fact that you’re using YunoHost will still give you the independence to move off later if you need to, but people should still be aware of what they’re missing out on.

Personally, I’m managing my own YunoHost on a private VPS—perhaps we should highlight that option as well in addition to the list of managed YunoHost providers? It would be nice to have a list of YunoHost providers, but we should make sure people don’t end up thinking it’s the “best” way to do it, i.e. they should weigh all the pros and cons for themselves before making a decision.

It’s funny, I just watched a couple of videos of this french youtuber.
What he did is that he bought a couple of second hand SSD drives online and analyzed them in order to find any kind personal data / files / photos /etc. (his point was to warn people about the fact that they should heavily format their drives before selling them).

And he actually found out that one of the SSD drive he bought came from a hosting company and was used on a VPS hosting server and he could access and read all the files.

I would add to this, that in most countries the strongest legal privacy protections exist in a persons private home, so the moment you’re hosting outside your a private home you’re likely losing some legal protections to the privacy of your data.

Yeah this has always scared me away from VPS for Yunohost. Is there any defense against this?

Some countries laws are better than others (eg Switzerland vs US), but almost everywhere has stronger protections in private homes than for clients of businesses. It’s possible that in some cases hosting on a VPS in Switzerland may be better legally protected than in a private home in the US, but it all depends on the threat model.

Right, but I’m wondering if there is any technical solution to this problem? or is it an impossible problem because once code/programs are running, they need to be decrypted for it to run…

There was a discussion about full disk encryption, but it wasn’t for hosting on VPS.

Maybe I am just too paranoid to ever host on a VPS :smiley:

I believe the technical solution is “zero knowledge encryption”, as in client-side encryption. This way, the server only receives the encrypted data.

e.g., Seafile supports it for file synchronization, Standard Notes for notes, Element (Matrix) for chat, Borg Backup for backups…

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J’ai l’impression qu’il faut différencier les structures qui proposent des VPS Yunohost de celles qui proposent de l’infogérance basée sur Yunohost.

Pour ce qui est des structures qui proposent des VPS, je pense que ca pourrait etre intéressant pour les utilisateurs d’avoir une sélection critique, par exemple en excluant ceux qui ne sont pas “éthiques”, par exemple AWS ou que sais-je.

Pour l’infogérance, référencer les associations ca profite à Yunohost autant qu’aux assos, donc ca me parait top! Pour les entreprises je me demande à qui un tel référencement profite.

Je proposerais que le référencement des entreprises soit conditionné à leur contribution au projet Yunohost. Ca pourrait permettre de donner un coup de boost au projet.