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I worked this evening on packaging an application for yunohost, I have no experience about that and I would be happy if you could give me some advice to improve my application.

I chose PluXml which a simple application, I think it will be easier for me to learn how to package an application with this kind of software.

Right now, I can install and remove Pluxml and use it. I would like to reach a level 2 to start and add it to the community repository once it works well.

my app can be found here

Looking forward hearing from you.


J’ai passé la soirée à packager une application pour Yunohost, c’est la première fois que je le fais et je serai content si vous me donniez des conseils d’améliorations.

J’ai choisi PluXml qui me parait une application simple, idéal pour débuter et apprendre à packager.

Pour l’instant, je peux installer et désinstaller l’application et l’utiliser.J’aimerai atteindre un niveau 2 et pourqoui pas la mettre sur le dépot community une fois que ça marche.

l’application est ici

J’attends de vos nouvelles.


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Hello @toitoinebzh

The first thing is to have a look to the documentation about packaging, which should gives you a lot of information (if you didn’t read it already)

Having a look to your package, I see that you start with the example package, which is a very good start.
You’re talking about the level 2, does that mean that you already test your app with package_check ?
If not, that’s a pretty good way to know what works and what doesn’t.

If you have any questions, don’t hesitate to ask, either here or on our chat rooms.
We will answer all of them.


I have already been reading it :wink:

not yet, I am going to look at this tool

Thank you for your help :slight_smile:


You could maybe be interested by that CI, Proposition for a new non-official CI which provide an easy way to use package_check.

If you have any question, do not hesitate.


package_check is a very interesting tool

I am still improving the script, I can not believe that all this checks are sucessful


Pretty good news, that’s a good start :smiley:


ok, now I think that install/upgrade/remove is working now. :slight_smile:

I was looking at SSO, LDAP to reach Level 4, but I am not familiar with that.
Do you have some documentation to suggest or a “simple app” code that I could look at to understand how things work


Did you check first if the app is compatible with LDAP and HTTP Auth ?

EDIT: After a quick look, didn’t find anything about ldap or HTTP Auth in this app.
Maybe you could ask on the forum of this app, just to be sure.


I think it is not available. I waiting for an answer for Pluxml’s forum.

I set Level 4 = na in check_process and I am surprised to see that my application level is 3, even if 5,6 and 7 are successful. Is it a correct behavior of package_check ?


Please don’t do this :confused: Maybe Maniack will correct me, but na is not supposed to be used when “LDAP / SSO would be relevant but can’t be integrated right now”. na is supposed to mean “not relevant”. If LDAP / SSO would be relevant but is not / can not be integrated right now, then set it to “0”. I know it’s frustrating because you want to go to higher level but otherwise this is misleading …

We are currently reworking the level orders and meaning here :


thank you for your feedback, I am going to set Level 4 to zero


If PluXml team certify that their app doesn’t support LDAP, then you can put the level 4 to ‘na’. Because you can’t do anything about it. That just the app itself doesn’t support it.
A way or another, link either an issue with an explanation, a comment, or even a link to the topic where you asked for it.


Update : I made a pull request and Pluxml is now available in the community list


Comment ajouter les plugins et d’autres thèmes ?

Merci !