PluXml has been added to work in progress apps

The PluXml app was asked by community. That’s why I took my hands and packages this app. It is available at and as always, you can install it via either admin interface pannel or via the moulinette (yunohost app install github_url).

Please give me a feedback about this app right here if you think I should improve something on this app integration, or if something went wrong within the installation.


Hi Matlink

Thank you, for packaging PluXml. It is working fine. Great addition to the application list.

Great job ! It’s working well on my server :slight_smile:

I’m waiting for other packagers to validate it (@juju @jerome @beudbeud @ljf )

Currently in review on my side. I’m filing issues on github

@matlink : you can find my suggestions here :

Nice work, and thanks for this addition.
I’m all for making it official once you address the issues.

Did not try installation on a subdomain yet, though.

Thanks for this addition.

On my test server I got

cat: install_page.html: No such file or directory

You should add temporarily the domain name in the /etc/hosts file when you do a curl request. In certains cases, the dns aren’t propagated completely. The wordpress_ynh package do it, but I am not sure it works completely.

I think you should add a sso url_protected on /core/admin/ to avoid that a non yunohost user can access to the admin login.

I added an image but the new url of the image return a 403. /data/images/carre.png

I don’t know if it’s normal(maybe a plugin) but in my setup there was any wysiwyg editor. In the demo of pluxml there is.

Do you have this error because the domain name is not found ?

yes, that’s why I speek about dns propagation. Indeed when you create a new subdomain name, you can’t install pluxml directly you need to wait the propagation. But you can fix it by adding temporarily the domain name in the /etc/hosts

We have talked about this and it was agreed that the moulinette should add all the domains into /etc/hosts permanently, to adress these (actually it was for working around hairpinning, I hadn’t thought about dns propagation, but that would cover it also)

Is it because of the domain name not found that you have this error

Yes it is, the workaround for now is to add the domain name to the server’s /etc/hosts, so that it knows what resolve the domain.

Have a look here:

And don’t forget to remove it: