Pleroma - " is not a function"

Hello :slight_smile:

I just wanted to report an error I have been seeing. The way I use my Pleroma instance means I’ll probably never encounter it in day-to-day use, as it only seems to happen when I am logged out and land on the instance login page, and I have my instance set up to land on my profile page instead. I still wanted to report the error here, though, as I was seeing it while setting everything up.
I have no idea if it’s already known about, so apologies if I’m repeating something.

In Admin FE > Settings > Instance, if I either:

  • Activate the ‘Public’ setting (“Makes the client API in authenticated mode-only except for user-profiles”), or
  • Go to ‘Restrict Authenticated’ section lower down and activate:
    • Timelines > Federated (but not Local)
    • Profiles > Remote (but not Local)
    • Activites > Remote (but not Local)

…then I get an error message pop up saying something along the lines of, ‘Cannot load timeline: is not a function’.

It works as intended, in that the Federated timeline (and if I select Local too, the Local timeline) is no longer viewable. But I have no idea what the error means or whether it’s significant that it pops up, so I thought I’d report it here. :slight_smile:

It does not appear regardless of what settings I choose in the ‘Limit to local content :unauthenticated’ cell.

I have seen this message on other Pleroma instances… But no idea of the meaning.
It’s a Pleroma problem, not specific to Yunohost, you should ask on Pleroma support

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