[Pleroma] Several errors 500 & 400 Mkdir_p

I was able to install Fedora without troubles on YuNoHost, however now it’s running I encounter several problems that look related to writing rights (I think) ?

When I try to access the emoji panel of the settings I get this error:
Request failed with status code 500 - Failed to create the emoji pack directory at /var/lib/pleroma/static/emoji: enoent

When I want to edit the Code of Conduct in Settings > Other, I get this one (which also appears in Frontend and Instance settings when trying to modify some settings):
Request failed with status code 400 - mkdir_p

Anyone knows how I could perhaps increase writings rights of Pleroma?

I have the exact same problem.
It explains the reason why i cannot modify the “terms of service” condition in about page.
Anyone can help ?

The Pleroma package for Yunohost is bugged it fails to create several directories and files and is really behind in terms of versions. Ended up creating an up to date one with Docker that worked. Without several updates to this packages I wouldn’t recommend it

I solved the problem by changing the path of static directory
In settings → instance
I wrote /home/yunohost.app/pleroma/static as static dir.

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