[Pleroma] My server does not follow any more some servers

My YunoHost server

Hardware: Raspberry Pi at home
YunoHost version:
I have access to my server : Through SSH | through the webadmin
Are you in a special context or did you perform some particular tweaking on your YunoHost instance ? : no
If your request is related to an app, specify its name and version: pleroma 2.5.5~ynh2

Description of my issue

From some days my pleroma instance does not connect anymore to some servers so I don’t receive any update from some feeds I am following.

So I tried to look at the list of my relays with the command taken from official documentation but the command

su pleroma -s $SHELL -lc "/var/www/pleroma/live/bin/pleroma_ctl"

does not show a relay option.

Where could I look for this problem?

sudo -s

cd cd /var/www/pleroma/live/bin/

./pleroma_ctl relay list

4… (sample output)

03:09:00.370 [debug] QUERY OK source="following_relationships" db=1.2ms queue=0.5ms idle=1507.1ms
SELECT u1."ap_id" FROM "following_relationships" AS f0 INNER JOIN "users" AS u1 ON f0."following_id" = u1."id" WHERE (f0."follower_id" = $1) AND (f0."state" = $2) ["9wIlVsAbTf0aB67nIO", :follow_accept]

If I try your suggestion I get this:

for the first time I get this message

20:17:41.245 [debug] QUERY OK source="users" db=24.0ms queue=0.1ms idle=1812.4ms
SELECT u0."id", u0."bio", u0."raw_bio", u0."email", u0."name", u0."nickname", u0."password_hash", u0."keys", u0."public_key", u0."ap_
id", u0."avatar", u0."local", u0."follower_address", u0."following_address", u0."featured_address", u0."tags", u0."last_refreshed_at"
, u0."last_digest_emailed_at", u0."banner", u0."background", u0."note_count", u0."follower_count", u0."following_count", u0."is_locke
d", u0."is_confirmed", u0."password_reset_pending", u0."is_approved", u0."registration_reason", u0."confirmation_token", u0."default_
scope", u0."domain_blocks", u0."is_active", u0."no_rich_text", u0."ap_enabled", u0."is_moderator", u0."is_admin", u0."show_role", u0.
"uri", u0."hide_followers_count", u0."hide_follows_count", u0."hide_followers", u0."hide_follows", u0."hide_favorites", u0."email_not
ifications", u0."mascot", u0."emoji", u0."pleroma_settings_store", u0."fields", u0."raw_fields", u0."is_discoverable", u0."invisible"
, u0."allow_following_move", u0."skip_thread_containment", u0."actor_type", u0."also_known_as", u0."inbox", u0."shared_inbox", u0."ac
cepts_chat_messages", u0."last_active_at", u0."disclose_client", u0."pinned_objects", u0."is_suggested", u0."last_status_at", u0."bir
thday", u0."show_birthday", u0."language", u0."notification_settings", u0."blocks", u0."mutes", u0."muted_reblogs", u0."muted_notific
ations", u0."subscribers", u0."multi_factor_authentication_settings", u0."inserted_at", u0."updated_at" FROM "users" AS u0 WHERE (u0.
"ap_id" = $1) ["https://pleroma.cybervalley.org/relay"]
20:17:41.250 [debug] QUERY OK source="following_relationships" db=2.5ms queue=0.1ms idle=1837.8ms
SELECT u1."ap_id" FROM "following_relationships" AS f0 INNER JOIN "users" AS u1 ON f0."following_id" = u1."id" WHERE (f0."follower_id
" = $1) AND (f0."state" = $2) ["A3BqyiSe6mgCaHwr5s", :follow_accept]       
20:17:41.279 [debug] QUERY OK source="activities" db=27.8ms queue=0.1ms idle=1841.4ms    
SELECT a0."id", a0."data", a0."local", a0."actor", a0."recipients", a0."inserted_at", a0."updated_at" FROM "activities" AS a0 WHERE (
(a0."data")->>'type' = $1) AND (a0."data"->>'state' = 'pending') AND (a0."actor" = $2) ["Follow", "https://pleroma.cybervalley.org/re

Then the second time I don’t get anything.

From what I see, you have only one active relay:


If you have registered others, maybe there not working…

NB - I don’t understand why the command work only once for you