Please make Flarum an official App is a great open source forum system and it would be great for it to get official support for the Yunohost Team instead of just being on the Community list

Hi ark

To become official, an app have to be maintened, to be free and to reach the level 6 at least.
And someone have to ask for it.

Unfortunately, flarum package doesn’t work, so this app is level 0.
If you want, you can try to work on it to restore this app and make it works again.

It does work though I have it installed on my instance and it is working fine

So… I just REtried to install this package…
This app doesn’t work !!!

What version of YunoHost are you using? It’s working fine for me

(this is the list of my installed applications)

Well indeed, I just tried (Edit: from Github directly) and it’s working for me :tada: (tested on unstable, though I could try on stable or something). Even LDAP integration seems working.

But @Maniack_Crudelis is right : you should first check that it satisfies all requirements to be official (c.f. (in french at the moment :confused: ))

As long as this CI doesn’t says it’s OK, you should consider that for most of the users of YunoHost, this app is broken…

Now, for each commit on flarum repository, a test will be launched.


@ark: there is an error in the extension of flarum. The forum seems to work but it’s doesn’t work at all.

see :


EDIT: if you want to contribute, your help is welcome, of course :wink: