Please check my connection

I can see my Yuno host from home but wondering if it’s visible from another location. Could anyone just please tell me if you can see these pages?

Yup I can open them. You will need to create a Let’s Encrypt SSL certificate to avoid a scary warning. :wink:

Maybe, if you have one, with your mobile phone’s internet connection?

No cell

Thanks because i had no one to ask. true i get a Warning

About last install last step #5 installing Certificate. Admin panel says it’s good but i still get a ‘Warning…’ page so i tried to do the self-signed certificate trying to find solution.
Reminded that i cannot login as root, had this problem since install. The install which is done on debian_os because the usb flash was disfunctional.

You are using a self-signed certificate. Override it with a Let’s Encrypt certificate. If you have a warning page even with the LE certificate, please show a screenshot with the full warning.

Regarding root access… use sudo su. (Reference: SSH and command line | Yunohost Documentation)

Could this be related to the fact that my Yuno is installed atop a Debian_os so i am on 2 layers=2 admins vs a 1 layer usb _flash_install = only 1 admin.
Or maybe the somewhat initial install ssh option

I have no idea what you mean. Have you followed the proper installation steps?

You should be able to log in ssh with the admin user. From this user, you can perform sudo su.

Also got a new let’sEncrypt like you said.
Connected to a different computer(windows) in another room and no connect.
Was a warning from which i accepted then it took me to the same old page:

“Rejected request from RFC1918 ip to public server address”.

Also get a warning from Yuno Diagnosis panel, telling me to change reverse Dns
in router. Could that be part the solution?

From my PC I can access both of your websites without any troubles or error message.

I don’t think so. Reverse DNS is mostly useful for email and spam consideration.

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Thankyou rungear. What mystery… Then i will take a ride to the library computer to see that.
But why would i get that bad screen from the other house computer, a router thing?

Yes, good guess!

You could find more information if you look for ‘hairpinning’ . In Fritz-box routers it is called ‘DNS rebind protection’. It prevents websites to “pose” an external site, while actually visiting your LAN.

In case of your Yunohost it actually is on your LAN, but your router does not know and is configured to flag it as a security issue and block access.

PS: I couldn’t read your blog, but I did manage to survive more than 20 seconds and improve my Hextris-score :slight_smile:

wbk Big time thankyou.
You guys are of great help and my questions are probably not finished as i evolve my yuno setup. If my yuno is now off the ground a.k.a ‘airborne’ i will follow my word and make a donation to the project, even if humble, as i have been decimated by these hard times as of late.
I had a bit of slack but am in canada & stocked up on non-perishable supplies in case of the Ottawa/Trucker food chain disruption & worst, just being cautious. Mamma-mia the apocalypse…is also why i might need to self-host, living in a crazy movie, aren’t we kinda all at this point !

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