[Planka] Realtime kanban board

Planka for YunoHost

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Elegant open source project tracking.


  • Create projects, boards, lists, cards, labels and tasks
  • Add card members, track time, set a due date, add attachments, write comments
  • Markdown support in a card description and comment
  • Filter by members and labels
  • Customize project background
  • Real-time updates
  • User notifications
  • Internationalization

Shipped version: 1.15.2~ynh1

Demo: Planka


Screenshot of Planka

Documentation and resources


Nice, how does it compare to wekan?

An important upfrant distintcion (for me) : Planka is AGPL 3, while Wekan is MIT. That makes me lean heavily towards Planka.

When looking for a Kanban-implementation a while back (we are spoiled for choice), I choose Nextcloud Deck. It was the only AGPL 3 option back then (the others being MIT, if I recall correctly). Deck fulfills my needs for a kanban board.

I have not used the other alternatives available for Yunohost, so can’t compare them.

My workplace uses Trello. The only plugin I use for Trello is “show card IDs”; it is an integrated option in Deck. I struggled exporting Trello to any useful format (we don’have access to paid Trello functions), while Deck can export (via occ) as well as import from at least Trello (no comments on that though, as I have no personal stuff in Trello to import).

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