Pixelfed: view without login (not a pixelfed feature atm)

Hi all,

I wanted to show Pixelfed to someone, and installed it on a newly created Yunohost.

Now I don’t know how to log in. Is it supposed to ‘do’ anything? Are Yunohost users available in Pixelfed? Users ‘admin’ and my ‘regular’ user don’t work (“Please enter an email address”), and none of their email addresses are recognized.

If you know Pixelfed but can’t help me to log in, please answer whether it is supposed to be viewable without logging in once there is some content!

The goal is some photo-centered bloglike website (covid-safe christmas market replacement for primary school), with pictures and a small description, viewable for visitors without an account. Uploading pictures and adding text should be easy from a smartphone or a computer. From reading about it, I thought Pixelfed is something like that.

Wordpress or Piwigo are to heavy and make ‘just upload a picture and write some text’ too difficult for the users.

Ah, wow… There’s a ‘register’ link at the bottom of the Pixelfed login page! I can log in now :slight_smile:

Still, if someone can chime in to tell how (/whether it is possible) to open the site without login I’d be grateful!

PS: I edited the topic title to reflect the current main question.

What do you mean ? Access without login into Yunohost ? (you have to install it as a public app)
Or being able to watch Pixelfed instance content without an account ? (you can’t, because of Pixelfed current features)
If you have the link, you can still watch any picture or profile without an account.

That bit,

ah, bummer :frowning:

There you have me, thinking Libre software does not need walled gardens!

Sending specific links to people would defeat the purpose in this case: allowing children to upload photos of christmas tinkerthings, and parents to view them. It would be a great move to get a bunch of people on the Fediverse though :thinking:

Thanks for enlightening me!

As far as I know, Pixelfed doesn’t allow that.
Yes, it’s a pitty.
That’s the current design, at least.

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