[Pixelfed] Pictures not loading

Hello, I setup my pixelfed instance through yunohost and everything went smoothly but when i post pictures nothing loads. Just shows no preview available and ’ Sorry, this page isn’t available.
The link you followed may be broken, or the page may have been removed. [Go back to Pixelfed]’ when i click on the picture on my mastodon timeline. Can someone help me out with what may be the reason.

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You mean you can’t see them in Pixelfed, and/or in Mastodon ?

PS: please next time include the name of the software in the title, it helps a lot for topic triaging and finding topics where we can help :wink:
Because for those following new topic creating, we only get the name of the topic.

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In both pixelfed and mastodon. I posted in the pixelfed section and I specified what happened in both.

What’s your Pixelfed version ?

0.11.5 and all my images are broken

same just spined up a pixelfed and same issue images are broken. used it few months ago worked but just re-installed to use it again.

Did you both install Pixelfed recently, with the lastest v0.11.5 and not an older (later upgraded) version ?

Then maybe there is something broken with fresh install of this new version…

Can you go in the admin interface and tell me if there is any warning in the diagnosis tab, or any Horizon failed job ?


Are all these photos.example.com domain name something you changed before sharing this result (to hide you domain name, which is fine :slight_smile: ), or the raw result ?

In the second case, then maybe there was something wrong in the autoconfiguration :thinking: (this should be your domain pixelfed_ynh/.env at master · YunoHost-Apps/pixelfed_ynh · GitHub)

photos.darn.social was the domain. i also cant seem to turn off open signup evne though i turn it off to false in the ,evn file even click reset php8.1 and restart the service for pix

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Ok I can reproduce the issue, since the upgrade to v0.11.5.

I don’t know what’s happening.

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I submitted a bug report Picture display (?) broken after upgrade to v0.11.5 · Issue #4275 · pixelfed/pixelfed · GitHub

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seeing this issue as well. an interesting note: i uploaded an avatar, and that worked just fine.

if there are things you would like us to try, or information that could help, let us know.

edit: as of this morning it is reported as fixed: Picture display (?) broken after upgrade to v0.11.5 · Issue #4275 · pixelfed/pixelfed · GitHub

Yes the fix as landed upstream, we need to update Yunohost package accordingly.
Some tests started here : Testing : v0.11.5 by lapineige · Pull Request #205 · YunoHost-Apps/pixelfed_ynh · GitHub

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any update?

It needs testers Testing : fix 0.11.5 media/s3/… by lapineige · Pull Request #210 · YunoHost-Apps/pixelfed_ynh · GitHub
In particular for the newly uploaded image issue, in my case it doesn’t fix it, I need more feedback to understand better that issue.

Apologies for the newbie question, but what URL do I used to install the new version to test? I should have some time to give it a shot.

I was reading about the file permissions as well. I updated the filesystems.php with that portion of the patch yesterday, but there was no change to the display (it did look like some of the folder permissions changed…)

You don’t have to apology for anything, I should have included it :slight_smile:

It’s this URL : GitHub - YunoHost-Apps/pixelfed_ynh at testing (on github, you right click on the branch name (the one on the right), it’s that link)

Hence: yunohost app upgrade pixelfed -u https://github.com/YunoHost-Apps/pixelfed_ynh/tree/testing

Did you run the php artisan commands ?

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i did run the artisan commands, and even deleted the ‘m’ folder as one of the other github comment suggested just to try.

will update and see how things go (probably in the morning at this point)