[Pixelfed] Nothing in Home Feed

Hi, this is strange…
When using my own instance I don’t get anything except global posts in the Home Feed!?
When Im using my account on pixelfed.social I do get my own private posts and all I follow in Home Feed (as expected).
Is there anything Iv missed with YH config or can you see your private posts in Home Feed?

Correction, after doing some more testing I have found out that my instance shows all global posts in Local feed (from any user) and global posts from users I follow in Home feed (still no private posts).

Q: So is there a setting to change Home feed behavior?

I have checked in other forums, and I should get private messages from people I follow in my Home Feed.
Could anyone confirm?

I can’t, but you could send one to me (Lapineige on Le Terrier Photo) and I will tell you :slight_smile:

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Thanks for the proposal Lapineige, Ill try but I doubt it will work yet with federation?
My problem is confirmed not working when users are on the same instance, so maybe you could add a test user and see how it goes on your instance?

Federation in Pixelfed is still a mess, but normally private messages do work.

This is working as expected after upgrading to 0.11.4~ynh1 (testing)

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