Pixelfed marked as broken?

For a few days I get message about Pixelfed when running diagnostics:

“This application is currently flagged as broken on YunoHost’s application catalog. This may be a temporary issue while the maintainers attempt to fix the issue. In the meantime, upgrading this app is disabled.”

But I don’t see any information on github pixelfed_ynh or in this section.

What is wrong? Pixelfed is rolling update with working instagram import, so it would be great to have updates back.

I don’t know why it as been set like this, but you can ignore it, it’s wrong.
(To contextualise: I’m the package maintener)

Pixelfed is rolling update with working instagram import

That’s in upstream development branch, not yet released in a new version. Hence it’s not available yet :slight_smile:

Yes, I know. Maybe after weekend, as far as I read.

These announcements are sometimes a bit… hasty, and then I need to do the packaging and testing, so please be patient :slight_smile:

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hah, of course!
I know, Daniel pushing code to github is just part of yunohost app update :slight_smile:

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I also said that for other people reading this - sometimes we tend to be a bit hasty about new releases :slight_smile:


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