Pixelfed installation error and admin page cannot be accessed

Pixefed while installation I got the error fatal: not a git repository and also installation is stuck and starting supervisor after installation admin page is not accessible did not encounter such an issue before there is something terribly wrong

What do you mean, you can not access https://space.mag/yunohost/admin anymore?

Do you have access to Yunohost via SSH, or another way besides the web interface?

PS: there’s an L missing in the app name, pixe → pixel

I can access but the thing is there is something wrong with the installation unlike before I never faced this issue if you see the screenshot attached.

And also after installation I’m not able to access the admin panel it says something went wrong

I installed Pixelfed less than two weeks ago, but have since removed it. My Yunohost is 4.3.x, what about yours? Did the diagnosis give any clou?

Did not encounter this issue weeks back but with the recent update of Yunohost I think everything started to mess up I was having a good installation of pixelfed 3 months back had to delete it and create one from scratch cause of a ssl issue on Yunohost

But now when I try to create on it gives the above mentioned errors

The fatal error not a git repository while installing the pixelfed app on Yunohost and also something went wrong when trying to access the admin of pixelfed

Should be the latest version of Yunohost I ran the command for installing it through the website of Yunohost

curl https://instal.yunohost.org | bash

Maybe you can try this ? 4.3 by ericgaspar · Pull Request #156 · YunoHost-Apps/pixelfed_ynh · GitHub

Can someone inform what needs to be done ?

I’m not a tech guy or an code expert all I know is to instal Yunohost and then add domain and also install pixelfed what else do i need to do to rectify this error on admin panel and also installation fatal error


I have the same problem. Pixelfed could be installed. The first user was added via the console. When trying to access the admin menu also comes the error message:
"Something went wrong
We cannot process your request at this time, please try again later. "

Did you configure your user as an administrator ? GitHub - YunoHost-Apps/pixelfed_ynh: The federated image shareing service Pixelfed for YunoHost

Yes, I have done that. As described.
The problem occurs on two different servers.

I have installed a fresh Pixelfed for testing but cannot reproduce this issue.
(well, I have tested the branch where systemd is used instead of supervisor:
I am also using YunoHost 11)

Wow, living en the edge! I’ll give it a try later on as well!

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