Pixelfed follow request stuck

hi - i have a question and i hope someone could help me.

i have a raspberry pi 4 with an installed yunohost.

I am trying to follow my Pixelfed account via mastodon (also installed here on my raspi) (the instance only has me on it and login is closed).

i find my pixelfed via mastodon and when i click on follow - the follow request remains - i can only cancel it.

i have not set my pixelfed account to private - because you can see my pictures without logging in.

now my question - i can’t find a function in pixelfed where such a request can be made.

is this a bug or a hidden function that i can’t find?

thank you for your linktip / help for this


Please fill the support template you removed, else nobody can help you :confused:

yes, i assumed that it is not a technical problem of yunohost problem but a question for pixelfed experts - that’s why i deleted this part.

but ok - then please excuse me - if i was wrong here - you can delete the post (i can’t delete it) and i’ll go to the pixelfed community and ask my question there :slight_smile:

thank you for telling me that i did something wrong here.

It can be a ynh packaging issue too, i don’t know

Does it work from another account that is not in your instance ?

That’s not how it works. “Private account” means “followers manually approved”. If you post a public (not follower only) content, it’s public.

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