Piwigo upload Problems Picture is not open by windows photos

Hello I have a problem with Piwigo.
If I upload an image and then download it again, I can no longer open it with Windows Photos.
It looks like the metadata is missing. I tried a demo account at Piwigo and it works without any problems. Upload via web form, and then download in the original data.
Then I tried it with a demo account at Yunohost and it is exactly like mine.
The download cannot be opened.
It has something to do with the Yunohost installation

There is a second issue in the Yunohost Installation by Piwigo.
Its easy to conect digiKam with the Piwigo Demo Installation https://siggi.piwigo.com
But with the yunohost Installation is a conection not possible.

The first picture is before the upload to Piwigo (Yunohost)
The second after download
After downloading it is no longer legible.
It works very well in the Piwigo demo at Piwigo


The most easy tips is to turn off LDAP Plugin in the PIWIGO plugins menu and no problem to download picture that can be open by win reader its’s a known bug.

Hello i try to turn of LDAP Plugin. it maks not a diferenc. The problem is not by the win reader. I can open the pictures whith the XnViewMP an i see that they have after download komplet no Metadata. EXIF is compled missing. If i do this by piwigo demo server the pictures have after download still all metadata

Is there nobody there who can help? The problem is also in the Yunohost demo. it is clearly an installation problem. I cannot use Piwigo if the download of the images has errors.
I have no idea what I can change.

So again for better understanding.
I go to the Yunohost website. Open a demo account Start Piwigo, add a picture … Then I download the picture again and it has errors

Hi, this is a known issue, see here: Piwigo corruption de fichier

Thank you for your help

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