[Piped] An alternative privacy-friendly YouTube frontend

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The Problem

YouTube has an extremely invasive privacy policy which relies on using user data in unethical ways. You give them a lot of data - ranging from ideas, music taste, content, political opinions, and much more than you think.

By using Piped, you can freely watch and listen to content without the fear of prying eyes watching everything you are doing.

Shipped version: 2024.02.12~ynh1

Demo: https://piped.video/

:red_circle: Antifeatures

  • Non-free Network Services: Promotes or depends entirely on a non-free network service.

Documentation and resources


I may be paranoïd, but just in case, Google could just ban your IP to access their services if they decide to, they dislike this kind of tools.

Now a question : does the YunoHost package follow the doc about IP and rotate IPv6 frequently ?

Because YouTube tends to ban IP addresses, it is recommended to either

  • use the IPv6 rotator made by the Invidious team - This is the recommended way because it’s easier to set up and doesn’t increase loading times.
  • use a VPN or proxy between the Piped backend/proxy and YouTube. to keep the instance running if you plan to make your instance public or to have a lot of users.
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It does not, contributions welcome!

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This is awesome. Great work! Likely needs the ipv6 rotation to be practical however.

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