Pi-Hole and Younohost

Hello! I have not installed younohost yet, but I hope to soon. Is there anyway to use the latest pi-hole version on the same pi as younohost? I know there is an older pi-hole version for younohost, but I’d rather use the latest version. I’ve also seen some other posts regarding the same topic, but I wanted to know if anything has changed.

Hello, and welcome to YunoHost!

Per the README of the PiHole app for YNH:

Pi-Hole can’t be updated beyond version 3.3.1, because higher versions use an integrated version of dnsmasq. This would require disabling the version of dnsmasq used by YunoHost.

So there is a design conflict with one of YNH services in newer versions of PiHole.

Edit: After a bit of investigation, the previous maintainer of the app was discussing the matter with PiHole’s team, it seems they were on a good path to fix it. So who knows, some day.

I personally use this app with no issue under the current, older, version. I do not feel it is lacking in its main job: blocking unwanted advertising-related domains.

I used to have pi-hole in YunoHost but as I had a spare raspberry pi, I installed the latest version on it.
There is not really any advantages, only a few features, but for the main usage, the YunoHost version is really enough.

If it become possible to be up to date, that will be nice, but not necessary I think.