PHP8.x Upgrade Timeline?

As of today PHP7.4 is no longer supported and won’t receive any security updates. When will PHP8.x be the default PHP in the system?

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  • We have this boring discussion like every year
  • YunoHost uses Debian as the base system, Debian is shipping PHP 7.4 by default. We can debate during hours how good or bad this is, or how “cool” it is that the PHP team only have ~2 years support cycle which makes it so that the default PHP version in Debian Stable ends up “no longer supported” (sigh) half of the time.
  • I’m pretty sure that in practice, PHP 7.4 will receive security updates if needed, maybe not from the core PHP team, but from Debian’s team (I doubt the entire community
  • This doesn’t prevent the fact that some YunoHost app can already use PHP 8.0 or 8.1 or whatever because we now integrate Sury’s repository by default and it’s somewhat easy nowadays for app packagers to update the PHP version of their app (though in practice there are always advanced consideration e.g. are all the deps available, is the app really forward-compatible etc)
  • As usual, we’ll upgrade all remaining PHP7.4 apps to 8.0 automagically during our next major debian upgrade

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