PHP App and Composer 2

Hi everyone,

Composer 2 has been released, and it could bring some breaking changes…

All app that use ynh_composer__2 helper could have troubles since this helper install last composer version which is composer2.

But composer2 is not fully compatible with a composer.lock that has been created from composer1, that what happened to Pilea package.

This thread purpose is just to let you know this problem could happens.

If you encounter it, there’s 2 solutions:

  • You can update the app you’re packaging :
    • update app’s composer.lock running a composer update with composer2
    • commit the new composer.lock
    • release a new version of your app
    • Update yunohost package t use this new version
  • You can’t update the app you’re packaging
    • Then contact the app maintainer, you won’t be the only one with this problem !
    • Waitting the app to be updated, modify ynh_composer__2 helper to tell it to expicitly use composer1


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Apparently, this will be fixed with a new helper

see :