[Photoprism] An AI-Powered Photos App for the Decentralized Web

Can’t access my photos via sftp neither photoprism folder. I think it’s something related to privilege but don’t know what to do

Hi everyone,

I installed Photoprism and then wanted to test different ways to stock and import my files.
I deleted the directories in /originals and import again, but now it seems that the number of photos in my library is twice.
I’d like to start over with a fresh database.
How can I proceed ?
Is there a reset command like in the docker compose installation ?

Thanks but I installed the yunohost package of Photoprism and I don’t think this documentation applies. Am I mistaken ?

Ah! I honed in on docker-compose.

You can do it right in the app.

Click the complete rescan check box.
Then start.

Thanks for the tip, I started a complete rescan and it changed something in the library but I don’t understand why some photos I thought I had deleted are still visible.
For example, I deleted the /originals/2015/ directory but pictures of 2015 are visible in “Folders” and “Calendar” !
I also have a warning message telling me “The index currently contains 1167 hidden files”.
Any idea ?

  1. When you deleted, did you archive, then delete?
  2. Hidden files could be because they are low quality or too small. Check your Archive.

does this app have the potential to be turned into a photo portfolio (letting visitors access it, but without the permission to settings and whatnot) or is it meant to be for personal private use only?

It’s not the main goal of the project but you can create a publicly accessible album. You could make the link to it disappear after a certain time period too.