[Petites-annonces] erreur 413 lors de la création d'une annonce avec plusieurs photos


Je viens de tester Petites Annonces sur Yunohost 11, installé dans un Raspberry Pi 2.
Souci : quand j’insère des photos dans l’annonce (moins de 2 Mo la photo), ca lance un message d’erreur dans le navigateur :

413 Request Entity Too Large

Si je ne mets qu’une seule photo, ca passe.

I didn’t know about Petites Annonces, it looks nice!

PA runs on PHP, I found some suggestions online that you could look in the client_max_body_size of the nginx-config.

With Yunohost we have a nginx-configuration per site, look in /etc/nginx/conf.d/ and then the (sub)domain where you installed PA.

To find whether any of the config files have the option configured, you could run

# grep -r 'client_max_body_size' /etc/nginx/*

There are some other places where file size limits are imposed, but this is the one I’d check first

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