Personal Server Checker

Hi there !

Reading this nice article [fr], it mentioned a “command line tool which check major security practices” pschecker.

I sound interesting, so I tried obtaining the following :

Running the audit of your personal server…


  • Distribution: debian
  • Domain names:

Processing tests:
Root must not use password: done
Servers should not listen done
A firewall should be up and running: done
Last system update was done recently: done

┌Your personal server diagnostic─────────────────────┐
│ Name │ Result │ Infos ───────┤
│ Root must not use password : KO: Your root user should not be able to log in with password, only SSH login should be allowed.
│ Servers should not listen : KO : Some of your servers listen to the host: transmission-da (51413), dovecot (4190), mysqld (3306), transmission-da (51413), dovecot (4190)
│ A firewall should be up and running : WARN : No firewall was found.
│ Last system update was done recently : OK
I am not at all an expert in security, so : do you think those tests are sensitives ?

PS : I know that the first point is mentioned in the yunohost documentation (which I should set up…).