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Design and prototyping platform meant for cross-domain teams. Non dependent on operating systems, web based and works with open standards (SVG). Penpot invites designers all over the world to fall in love with open source while getting developers excited about the design process in return.

Shipped version: 2.0.2~ynh1

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Hello everyone.
I’m trying to install penpot and get the error App does not exist while following the “install with YUNOHOST”

Does it work if you go to web admin->Applications->Install and select Penpot from there?

Can’t find Penpot in the app listing. Is it related to me not being in bullseye yet ?

That may be related, yes, I’d recommend retrying from YNH’s the latest version.

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Great news everyone!
The package was updated to recently released 2.0 (namely 2.0.2 hotfix), grab it while it’s hot!

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