Penpot installation issue

Not able to do Penpot fresh install


The actual error seems to be here:

2024-03-18 21:45:48,605: DEBUG - e[1;31m------ ERROR -------------------------------------------------------------------e[0m
2024-03-18 21:45:48,606: DEBUG -  File: /var/www/penpot/build/common/src/app/common/schema/generators.cljc
2024-03-18 21:45:48,606: DEBUG - failed to require macro-ns "app.common.schema.generators", it was required by "app.common.schema.generators"
2024-03-18 21:45:48,606: DEBUG - Error in phase :execution
2024-03-18 21:45:48,606: DEBUG - UnsupportedClassVersionError: app/common/UUIDv8 has been compiled by a more recent version of the Java Runtime (class file version 61.0), this version of the Java Runtime only recognizes class file versions up to 55.0

I have no clue, sorry.

I see there’s environment leaking somewhere. Can you log in via ssh and tell me what’s the output of java - version?

I just installed Penpot, saw some warning, but successfull. I tested the app too, works fine.

Also :

# java --version
openjdk 17.0.10 2024-01-16
OpenJDK Runtime Environment (build 17.0.10+7-Debian-1deb11u1)
OpenJDK 64-Bit Server VM (build 17.0.10+7-Debian-1deb11u1, mixed mode, sharing)

Hope this can help

Thank you all for looking into this.

java -version
openjdk version “11.0.22” 2024-01-16
OpenJDK Runtime Environment (build 11.0.22+7-post-Debian-1deb11u1)
OpenJDK 64-Bit Server VM (build 11.0.22+7-post-Debian-1deb11u1, mixed mode, sharing)

I’m running the latest yunohost version.


Yeah, I only tested on hosts that did not have system java installed. Will try fixing soon ™, tracking ticket


@vidmid can you please try installing with

sudo yunohost app install

and report if it worked?

Fix was merged to master, should be available in 1.7.3~ynh3

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