Peertube instance for yunohost tutorials?

Hi all, I’ve been recording some video tutorials on how to setup yunohost, and configure different apps with it and some other related topics. There are other tutorials out there too, but I figure the more the merrier and there are more specific topics to cover.

I’m wondering does anyone have or know of a peertube instance where I could host these videos?

I could also self-host something, but I thought it might be better to join together with another instance that is planning to stay around.


@frju365, what do you think about allowing notplants to upload their videos into YunoHost Cinema ?


Oh !!! very nice. Yes, no problem. I’m not very active for the moment, but no problem to allow @notplants to upload video and transfer it to the main account (or even give her/him enough right to upload it directly to the main account).

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