Peertube Installation Error caused by yarn repository timeout

I am trying to Install Peertube via YunoHost, i am getting same error everytime

Error log:

I have updated everything, but no luck. Kindly check and Help me.

My Server Details:

Dual core CPU
Debian 11
(server bought from Hosting Provider)

2024-01-02 15:04:47,342: DEBUG - info There appears to be trouble with your network connection. Retrying...
2024-01-02 15:05:09,092: DEBUG - error An unexpected error occurred: " ESOCKETTIMEDOUT".

This is a connection issue with Yarn servers. Try again later, maybe?

But this issue is coming since i bought server 6 days ago, i am trying daily, this issue is still the same

In that case does running sudo wget from inside the server displays an error ?

Not really, I believe.
I my case this :

Was working.

The issue is that the hardware takes too much time to handle these steps, and it timedout.
This is exactly what lead me to make this change : Raise timeout duration for Yarn (helps with slow hardware) by lapineige · Pull Request #397 · YunoHost-Apps/peertube_ynh · GitHub (TL;DR : increase the timeout limit).

@zeealiawan : you may try this Pull Request, or wait for it to be merged :slight_smile:

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