Peertube - help with imports?

My peertube version: 3.4.1~ynh1
Current version at Github: 3.4.1

TL;WR: there is no tools/peertube-import-videos.js in my installation. Why not? Where can I find it?

I found the description of a youtube-dl script to import video’s into Peertube at PeerTube documentation

When I run the script like

 node dist/server/tools/peertube-import-videos.js \
    -u '' \
    -U 'linh' \
    --password 'thesecretpassword' \
    --target-url ''

it tells me:

I found @yuno 's post about youtube-dl, but I don’t even get that far.
Where should I look for the script? Is the documentation up to date? When I do a general search for ‘import’ in the peertube dir:

# pwd
# ls */*|grep import

none of the results have exactly the right name. My Javascript is insufficient to guess whether they actually are the right scripts.

I tried to find the script online (github and framacolibri, for example), but haven’t had a hit (apart from documentation).

The documentation suggests to make an alias to jump to the right directory and to switch user,

but the tools directory in dist/server/ does not exist.

Any idea?

Maybe things are not that difficult :stuck_out_tongue:

While clicking around after being able to log in, the “Administration” pages got this configuration screen where you can turn in HTTP- and torrent-imports:


Besides that. there’s an auto-import-ytb plugin, to sync with a Youtube channel, that I didn’t have a closer look at yet.

Anyway, with the ticks “Allow HTTP import” and “Allow torrent import”. The “Publish” button now gives all kinds of options:

Great fun! :slight_smile:

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