PeerTube (broken) and Cannot install Matomo

My Yunohost version: 11.2.4 (stable).

Hi, I see that on the Peertube installation page. It says, it is broken. If I install it now, can I upgrade it later for a stable version? Does anyone know when it may be available for installation again?

And I have the same question for Matomo. It says, the application cannot be installed.

I have previous install the above two software using Yunohost.

Maybe I shall downgrade Yunohost, in order to install these two software?

Updates: Now Matomo is available for installation.

Boosting question re: Peertube.

What is the situation and can it be improved soon? My installation cannot be upgraded.
@tituspijean, do you know anything?

You did not use the support template, asking for basic details about your YunoHost setup, nor did you provide any specific information such as error message or full log of whichever stuff “not work”.

Also please don’t ping any specific people as if they are responsible for an app or topic. Most stuff are managed in a collective way, and pinging individual people just create unnecessary individual stress.

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I apologize. Here’s the message I refer to (obviously it has nothing to do with my configuration:

The automatic diagnosis on your YunoHost server identified some issues on your server. You will find a description of the issues below. You can manage those issues in the ‘Diagnosis’ section in your webadmin.

Applications (apps)

[WARNING] An issue was found for app Kino Wolność [PeerTube]

  • This application is currently flagged as broken on YunoHost’s application catalog. This may be a temporary issue while the maintainers attempt to fix the issue. In the meantime, upgrading this app is disabled.

Is your Peertube server functional?

Yes. As you see from the message I quoted, the problem is the status of the application in YNH ecosystem.

Hi everyone, does anyone know when Peertube on Yunohost will be good for installation?It’s currently shows as borken. I am waiting attentively for it’s up again.

This also applies for bugfixes: Frequently Asked Questions | Yunohost Documentation

Peertube fixed. Catalog to be updated in the coming hours.

YunoHost version generally does not affect the status of an app. If an app does not pass automated tests, then its installation or upgrade is automatically disabled.

If you already have it installed on your server, hooray, enjoy it and don’t be a “hurry up I absolutely need the latest small bug fixes” person (that was the case here between 5.2.0 and 5.2.1).

If you wanted to install it, sorry for the inconvenience. Consider investing your waiting time into contributing for the project and not demanding updates. :slight_smile:

Also, don’t mix two questions in the same thread…

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