Peertube Admin unable to login after successful install

My YunoHost server

Hardware: Old computer

YunoHost version:**

I have access to my server :through the webadmin

Are you in a special context or did you perform some particular tweaking on your YunoHost instance ?** : no

After installing Peertube with the Yunohost Peertube app I’m trying to login to the Admin account using the Login and Password that was sent to my admin email but I’m receiving this error.

I’ve read the Peertube Docs
and also the Peertube app docs
I assume there is no special way to access the admin panel other than through the normal login page. I tried using the domain/admin in place of login but I’m redirected to the login page.

I assume I’m making a simple error and not accessing it in the right way.

Any tips would be appreciated.


I’m not a simple error, it’s related to a stupid/complex bug in Yunohost (well in fact it’s not clear who’s fault it is, it can be Yunohost or the OAuth lib inside Peertube that can be blamed depending on point of view)

This is discussed here :

I’m not sure what’s the fix exactly, I think you need to set your app as public (allowed to visitors) which can be changed inside the webadmin in Users > Manage groups and permission

And you also need to be logged out of the Yunohost SSO (yup that’s confusing)

We’ll fix it at some point …


Thanks very much, I was embarrassed that I was missing something very simple:(

I think I’m missing something here. I’m not sure how to make “peertube” public. I see user management and I have already allowed visitors access to it. However I don’t see any other application specific options.


Okay, maybe everything is fine. I’ll log out of the SSO and try again.

I spoke too soon, I think I had it accessible for Visitors already. It was the logging out of SSO that helped.

Once again, thanks Aleks:) Also, I wanted to say Bravo on this latest release … really, really fantastic!

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Another option that is mentioned in the other thread: use your browser’s private / incognito window, so that it does not have your logged-in session. That way you can log in to Peertube without logging out of all your other functionality.


great tip, I didn’t see that, thanks!

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