Paste-image - jirafeau vs lutim vs?

Hi all,

I find myself in need of a place where I can paste an image / image contents from my clipboard, for example after taking a screenshot.

Nextcloud would work, if I first save the clipboard buffer as a file and then upload it. Or is there a plugin for NC that allows just that?

In the catalog I found Jirafeau and Lutim to match my needs. With presenting a self-signed certificate registered to “testexample”, I lean towards going with Jirafeau for now.

Does anyone have experience with either or both of these apps? Or another suggestion?


Jirafeau does not support pasting image data from clipboard


Neither does Lutim

Lutim does allow:

  • select for upload via drag/drop
  • select for upload via filebrowser
  • select for upload via URL

I didn’t pay attention to Jirafeau’s options after finding it did not allow pasting to canvas.